Q. What kind of disputes can E Dispute Resolutions hear?

A. Virtually any kind of dispute can be decided by binding arbitration. Typical cases include contract disputes, consumer disputes, personal injuries, employment disputes, property disputes, professional disputes, real estate issues, fee disputes and the like. If you are uncertain, send us an e-mail to inquiry@edispute-resolutions.com

Q. How much does it cost?

A. $1000. The fee is typically paid $500 by each side. However, one side (as is required in most consumer disputes) can pay the fee in full.

Q. How does it work?

A. Very simply and very easily. Once both sides agree in writing to submit their dispute to binding arbitration through E Dispute Resolutions ("EDR"), pay the fee on-line and pass a "conflicts" check, both sides will be e-mailed E Dispute Resolutions' form to fill out. The form requests basic information from both sides about the case and directs both sides to submit whatever documents, photos, videos and the like which supports their position. If the Arbitrator has any questions, he will submit an e-mail to both sides asking for additional information and comments. Once all items have been submitted to the Arbitrator to his satisfaction, he will carefully review all materials and the positions of the parties then render his binding decision within 30 days.

Q. Does it matter where I or the other person live or work?

A. No. Because of how the arbitrations are conducted, E Dispute Resolutions can handle arbitrations anywhere in California as well as in most other states.

Q. Do I have to show up and talk?

A. No. The entire arbitration will be done electronically. If the parties want to appear and arbitrate their matter in person, that can be arranged for an hourly fee, but that is typically unnecessary.

Q. Can I talk to the arbitrator about my case?

A. No. The Arbitrator cannot and will not discuss the case with the parties. The Arbitrator is completely nuetral. The Arbitrator has no interest in the parties; knowledge of the facts of the case; or an interest in who wins or loses. His decision will be based solely on the law and the facts of each particular case.

Q. What if the parties want to have a live, in person hearing?

A. No problem. For the same $1000, each party can have one hour each to present their case to the Arbitrator. The Arbitrator will hear the positions of the parties; question them if necessary; and review evidence at the hearing. The parties will still receive the binding decision within 30 days. If the parties agree beforehand, more time can be allotted for each side's presentation for an hourly fee of $250 per hour. However, this is usually unnecessary.

Q. Your site talks about mediation, what's the difference?

A. A mediation is a confidential, non-binding attempt to settle your case by a neutral person. Yes, E Dispute Resolutions can conduct a mediation if the parties want. A mediation can be live, in person or on-line. The fee is the same. In the case of a mediation, the arbitrator will conduct the matter in exactly the same fashion as an arbitration and will provide the parties with his non-binding decision about the case. This decision should give the parties a clear direction to resolve the matter, but they are free to continue with their dispute. However, no statements or documents used for the mediation can be used as evidence later. If a settlement is reached, the Arbitrator will prepare a settlement agreement which contains the terms of the settlement which will be a binding contract between the parties.

Q. Who is the Arbitrator?

A. Mr. Papp is a licensed attorney in both California and Nevada as well as a licensed real estate broker. He is a civil litigator with more than 20 years of experience. You can review his professional resume and experience here. You can also check on Mr. Papp's license to practice law at the California State Bar www.calbar.ca.gov and at the Nevada State Bar www.nvbar.org Be sure to visit our website as well. www.ca-nvlaw.com

Q. What if I have a technical question about submitting my paperwork or other items to the Arbitrator?

A. You can call E Dispute Resolutions and talk to the friendly and helpful staff who can walk you through any technical problems, but these are extremely rare.